Freelance Game Audio: Getting Started and finding work.

8. Want ads

(developers posting ads on forums)

Even though gigs through these are less common and I don’t prefer finding them this way, I still check a few websites every day to see if anything is posted. I use Google Chrome and I have a few of my favorite of these sites bookmarked in a folder labeled “Daily Check”.

I just right click the folder and choose “Open all bookmarks in new window” and then I go through them. Once you get into the habit of it, it only takes a minute or two because you have checked them yesterday and its easy to tell the ones you’ve already read.

To give you an honest idea of how many composers are on these vying for work: when I applied for a recent Arcadian Atlas composer opening on Tigsource (which I did not get but a super talented composer did) their announcement email stated that there were 221 composer submissions. So thats the reality here.
  • Having depressed you (and myself) here are some forums you can check and my experiences with them.

TigSource/PaidWork I have found a few jobs on here and applied for about a hundred.
Reddit/GameDevClassifieds I have found maybe one job here. Decent community.
UnrealEngineJobOfferings Not sure if I have ever found work on this one.
IndieGamer/HelpWanted Lots of postings sometimes audio related.
IndieDB/Recruiting & Resumes Mostly other composers and sound designers looking for work.
PolyCount/FreelanceJobs Don’t think I have found work here, but still check it from time to time.
EpicGames This is also mostly filled with ads from composers and sound designers. I actually found a bit of work on here years ago, but it looks like it’s mostly contests being posted nowadays.
GameJolt/Jobs Never found work on here. Don’t think I have ever found anything on here either.
Cocos-2D/Jobs Imagine drowning in a sea of composers.
Unity/NonCommercialCollaboration Some of these are paid although most are specifically not. Might be a good place to meet developers though.
Newgrounds/Collab I actually found work here years ago and I have since worked with that dev on three projects. I don’t go on there much now though because it seems a younger less serious community.
GarageGames Never found work here.
XboxForums Again a lot of composers. Haven’t found work on there.
Scirra Haven’t found work on there before.

Some of those above probably aren’t that useful but I wanted to allow you to make your own decision on that. Please feel free to let me know of any other useful job forums and I will add them to this list.

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