Freelance Game Audio: Getting Started and finding work.

4. Clients that found you through your website or past work.

This one is why its important to have a professional portfolio and website and to always do your best on past projects. You never know who is listening or checking out your stuff.

  • I have gotten a handful of jobs from people who have heard me from my past games, and from people who googled me or found me on twitter. It does happen.

5. Referrals

(someone you know or have worked with mentions you to a developer)

These also come from doing your best and being a nice professional person.

6. Other audio people needing help or having too much work

(“Hey I have a friend working on a cool game but I don’t have time etc.”)

Believe it or not this does happen. There are plenty of audio people that will need to outsource work occasionally, or know of a good gig that they can’t take on at the moment and will recommend you. These conversations happen in person and online.

But first you have to get to know people without looking for work, make friends, and participate in the game audio conversation. The game audio community is very welcoming so just get involved and you’ll see opportunities from time to time. But don’t get involved just to find work!

  • I have gotten at least two jobs this way.

Aside from meeting audio people at game jams, meetups and conventions, here are a few places online where they might be loitering.

Video Game – Composers & Sound Designers (fans are welcome too) FB
Game Audio Denizens
Game Audio Self Promotion
#gameaudio on twitter
Reddit Game Audio

There are also a growing number chatrooms (usually with Slack) that audio professionals and hobbyists frequent. These are a great place to talk with people from all levels of knowledge and experience.

AudioVR Slack
Composers Circle Skype

There are plenty of others too that I haven’t had the chance to check out.

7. Random tweets or develog musings

(“This game is coming together, I should really start thinking about audio soon…” or “we are looking for a composer..”)

Just another reason why being on twitter and following talented people is a good idea. You’ll see occasional tweets were people mention audio. Also I love to follow interesting develogs on tigsource and sometimes people will write that they are looking for someone on there.

  • I have found more than a few freelance jobs this way.

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