Ashton Morris

Some facts about Ashton Morris

  • Is a proud father
  • Has an amazing wife ♥(ˆˆԅ)
  • Lives in the mountains in Colorado
  • Dwells in his studio basement
  • Loves to cook
  • LOVES synthesizers
  • Has been playing guitar for 20 years now and comes from a musical family
  • He’s been creating audio for games for 8 years now and LOVES IT!
  • Mint Chocolate Chip is his favorite ice cream flavor
  • He really enjoys meeting new people and learning what they’re excited about
  • He used to walk around with Sarah Connor and the Terminator all day
  • He likes to keep it professional but still loose and fun
  • He’s a Sound Designer for PhET
  • He’s very blond and mildly tall
  • He can be hard on himself but he always tries his best

I am always interested in speaking with inspired, passionate and creative people. If you require unique audio or have any other questions, comments, or ideas, then please contact me.  

contact [@] ashtonmorris [.] com

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